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RGET6E9RSEImproved NSD diagnostic data collection integrity.
RWIR6R2JHUThree changes were included in this SPR: 1. Changed the NSD section "Last 10 Console Log Messages" to "Last Console Log Messages. 2. Excluded...
RBEO6TDDVZFixed a crash in the NSD disassembler. The primary symptom of this problem is that the NSD log file will be truncated at the point in the call...
SKAI6RTFHCThree changes were made in this fix. 1) Changed the NSD section "Last 10 Console Log Messages" to "Last Console Log Messages". 2) Excluded the file...
TSAO6RM8FZNSD now makes a separate copy of pid.nbf and reads that; also only reads the file once instead of four times. This regression was introduced in...
BMSN6TLL9RImproved the handling of NSD errors.
JROU6UPRA5Fixed the NSD service to work under limited user accounts (ie: accounts that are commonly members of the Users group on XP). If the NSD service is...
JROU6X6UHGNSD now makes a separate copy of pid.nbf and reads that; also only reads file once instead of 4 times.
JROU6UGVQQWith this fix, NSD now distinguishes between handles and memhandles in Top 10 sections.
SCOS6UWLLEThis fix makes the NSD service available for the Win32 platform.
MSAN6RE6BDNSD annotation enhancements.
MSAN6TERLVFixed a Memcheck crash while dumping process static objects.
SVRO6W8Q3UMemcheck must suspend Domino processes so that memory does not change while it is being examined. This is an improvement to the suspend method on...
SCOS6SAP2TAdded the option to skip processes looking for system handle information.
SMAI6W8TRBFixed a problem where NSD was not handling spaces in the path properly when configured to run as a Windows service.
MSAN6RA393Added support for NSD annotation using pdb files and map files in addition to Domino sym files.
SCOS6UULZBWith this fix, a Fatal stack will be captured even if symbol information is unavailable.
MSAN6XDTHLFixed a problem where NSD was not detecting outdated sym files. NSD sometimes failed to detect outdated sym files and incorrectly annotated stack...
TBRD6RZLSAA recent change to run memcheck as a separate process caused the log file to be closed and reopened. The reopen was in binary mode instead of text. ...
MSAN6XCTFYFixed a problem where NSD -monitor was not detecting Domino processes.
MSAN6UW3KXNSD now outputs Server Stats information. The same information that is displayed when a user gives the "show stats" server command is also now...
XJXJ6V5BHWAfter a Domino server crash, NSD ran but the log file dump was truncated at the end of the stacks. This problem has been fixed. A workaround is to...
MSAN6Y5M6UNSD was not detecting/showing a crash stack on AIX when procstack was used. This problem has been fixed in 7.0.3.
SCOS6QTQWXReformatted "TCP Table"; now correctly named "TCP Connection Table" and all data is now aligned in a reasonable way. Added -hostnamelookup option to...
PMAO6VCMKVNSD on AIX needs a switch to select dbx or procstack for use in gathering stack traces. To enable the feature, add Use_Dbx_Only=1 to the NSD.ini in...
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